This exhibition is organized by the Musée du Louvre.

Exhibition curators

Jannic Durand, chief curator, and Dorota Giovannoni, scientific researcher at the Department of Decorative Arts, Musée du Louvre.

The exhibition enjoys the financial support of the Total Foundation, GDF SUEZ, and Gazprom.
Media partners: La Tribune, Géo, France Culture, and France Inter
Partners: Air France and Thalys


Emmanuel Perotti, Patrick Vallot, Lionel Tardy, Gaspard Beernaert.


Marie-Claire Le Bourdellès, Internet project manager.

With the participation of

Fabrice Douar, publications manager
Chrystel Martin, picture researcher
Anne-Myrtille Renoux, translation coordinator
Claire Chalvet, exhibition coordinator
Amanda Lopez, exhibition registrar

Sally Laruelle, translator

Robin Kopp, corporate lawyer, procurement contract writer

Stéphanie de Vomécourt, graphics and signage coordinator

Caroline Sueur, Benoît Albertini, and Nelly Girault, advertising officers
Céline Dauvergne, communications officer for temporary exhibitions

Gaëlle Abecassis, sponsorship officer

Laurence Martin-Brenner, researcher, Auditorium
Elsa Bouguen, programming assistant, Auditorium (Music on Film)
Charlotte Chastel-Rousseau, programming assistant, Auditorium (Lectures and Symposia)
Marcella Lista, programming manager, Auditorium (Contemporary Art and Architecture)
Laurent Muraro, programming assistant, Auditorium (Concert)
Monica Preti-Hamard, programming manager, Auditorium (Art History and Museography)
Pascale Raynaud, programming manager, Auditorium (Cinema and Art Films)

Marie-Laure Chevallier, visitor services

Eve-Marie Lapchin-Chanut, educational department
Corinne Vevaud and Bruno Guennou, workshops and guided tours

The panel texts for the mini-site were written by Jannic Durand and Dorota Giovannoni, and the artwork descriptions by Marie-Claire Le Bourdellès, based on the exhibition catalog.