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This exhibition has been organized by the Musée du Louvre with the generous support of Montres Breguet, S.A.(www.breguet.com).


Marc Bascou, head of the Department of Decorative Arts (Louvre) and Emmanuel Breguet, historian and head of archives and historic collections at Montres Breguet, S.A., and director (France) of Montres Breguet, S.A. (L’Abbaye, Switzerland)


Design and production: Emmanuel Perotti and Lionel Tardy
Coordination: Marie Coste (Multimedia division)
Editorial: Béatrice Coullaré (Decorative Arts), Marie Coste and Marie-Claire Le Bourdellès (Multimedia division)
The texts are based on the catalog of the exhibition.


Translation: Deke Dusinberre, Barbara Mellor (English version) and Tomoko Nishihara-Moene (Japanese version)
Coordination: Anne-Myrtille Renoux (Multimedia division)


Olivier Combe, webmaster at Montres Breguet, S.A.
Béatrice Coullaré, scholarly research (Department of Decorative Arts)
Chrystel Martin, picture research
Patricia Chinot and Jean-François Carbonero, media librarians
Pamela Jouven, sponsorship coordinator