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1780. Launch of the first automatic watches, known as “perpetuelles.”

1783. Invention of the gong-spring for repeating watches.
Design of the hollowed-apple hands known as “Breguet hands” and the Arabic numerals known as “Breguet numerals.”

1786. First dials with engine-turned (guilloché) decoration.

1789. Invention of the ratcheted winding key for watches known as a “Breguet key.”
Natural escapement requiring no lubrication.

1790. Invention of a shock-absorbing system called “pare-chute.”

1792. Realization of a mechanism for Claude Chappe’s “optical telegraph.”

1795. Earliest description of a clock called “sympathique” (synchronizing).
Development of perpetual calendar
Overcoil known as the “Breguet balance spring”.
Ruby cylinder.

1796. First “subscription watch”, a watch with a single hand.

1798. Patent for the constant force escapement (9 March).
Invention of the musical chronometer, a watch movement used as a metronome.

1799. First “tact watch.”

1801. Patent for the tourbillon regulating device (26 June).

1810. First wristwatch, ordered by the Queen of Naples.

1812. Appearance of the first off-center dials.

1815. Development of the double-barrel marine chronometer.

1819. Ocular astronomical instrument.

1820. Montre à double secondes or “observation chronometer,” a forerunner of the modern chronograph.

1830. First watch wound without a key.

1939. Patent for a sidereal timepiece (28 February).

1990. New sympathique clock to synchronize a wristwatch.

1991. Patent for an automatic equation of time wristwatch (April 17).

1997. Patent for a straight-line perpetual calendar wristwatch (May 15).

1998. Smallest self-winding chronograph movement in the world.

2002. Patent for the moon-phase mechanism (“Reine de Naples” watch).

2003. Patents for locking/activating the alarm function (column-wheel mechanism) and for coordinating the alarm to local time (incorporated into the classic “Réveil du Tsar” watch).

2004. Titanium balance wheel.

2005. New shock-absorbing system on the Tradition watch.
Three patents for the new Breguet detent escapement.
Centrifugal regulator of the striking mechanism (Grande Sonnerie).
Timepiece with an alarm provided with surprise-piece isolator.

2006. Watch equipped with at least two regulatory systems (Double Tourbillon watch).
Winding stern and time-setting device for wristwatches (Double Tourbillon).
Single-barrel timepiece movement with striking mechanism.
Timepiece movement with barrel featuring an improved cover fastening (La Tradition watch).

2007. Timepiece with striking mechanism comprising a double-function locking lever.
Timepiece with striking mechanism comprising a locking lever.
Multifunctional coaxial corrector device.